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Car Navigation System/

Hands-free/eyes-free operation of various automobile functions such as music playback and navigation system is made possible by speech recognition even on the road.
A voice agent function is on standby to listen to your voice instructions at any time, letting your eyes focus on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

  • Proven highly accurate speech recognition even on the road, made possible by noise reduction technologies optimized for in-car environment.
  • Capability to understand free-word, natural language utterances, allowing successive operation of various complex in-car operations.
  • Music playback/operation by voice while driving
  • Free-word destination search

Home Appliances/
Smart Homes/Robotics

Speech recognition and dialogue technologies for home appliance control, automated home interaction with external devices and home energy management.

  • Enables voice operation from outside home.
  • Emotions captured and analyzed from user utterances can be used to program voice agents to respond in a friendly way, thereby creating a sense of familiarity in electronic devices.
  • Toys and games
  • Robotics and home energy management devices


You can use speech input for inspection results, and speech commands and input for voice picking and inventory management, making it possible to record information immediately.

  • Hands-free input frees your both hands for work, thereby ensuring safety.
  • Input information is repeated back to you by speech synthesis, enabling eyes-free operation, where you no longer need to check the device screen for information accuracy.
  • Input of inspection and measurement data
  • Input of data for warehouse entry and dispatch

Sales Visit/Negotiation Records, SFA

Customer visit records and sales meeting minutes can be input by speech using smartphones and tablets. This reduces the time to write up reports, thereby cutting down on overtime hours. Sequential input also helps prevent missing information in the reports.

  • Reduces the time required for clerical work.
  • Accumulation of accurate and detailed customer information.
  • Customer negotiation reports
  • Shop visit/inspection reports

Transcription of Lectures/Meeting minutes

Even long sentences and phrases in discussions and meetings can be transcribed with our advanced speech recognition. Specialized terminologies such as industry and company-wide jargons can be registered and updated to enable the recognition engine to accurately transcribe them.

  • Reduces transcription time and cost.
  • Provides aid for students with hearing disabilities by real-time transcription and display of lecture notes.
  • Transcription of lectures at academic institutions and seminars
  • Meeting minutes

Mobile Device UI

Our speech recognition and dialogue technologies turn smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices into virtual agents, input methods and function search means.

  • Easy operation for users who are unaccustomed to mobile devices.
  • Provides quick access to functions by creating voice shortcuts.
  • Speech input IME
  • Wearable technologies


Expands the possibilities for new methods in advertising, PR, and marketing, such as interactive advertisements, content and product/service recommendations utilizing speech recognition and dialogue.

  • Increases consumers' sense of familiarity with products/services through conversations with virtual agents and characters.
  • Increases consumer awareness of products/services by prompting them to pronounce product/service names.
  • Interactive advertisements that use digital signage
  • Promotional campaigns using voice surveys and voice quizzes

Contact Center Solutions

Speech recognition can be applied to transcribe voice data in customer inquiries to contact centers and helpdesks, making it possible to efficiently search and categorize the content of conversations between customers and operators, and to effectively monitor and ensure the quality of call sessions.

  • Facilitates browsing and categorization of stored data and improves searchability.
  • Reduces the time required for operators to write up call records.
  • Reservation services for tickets, etc.
  • Marketing through the use of data mining

Deployment Support Services

The following support services are available to ensure smooth implementation of vGate solutions best suited to your needs.

  • System implementation consulting
  • Design and deployment of speech recognition back-end server
  • Creation of speech recognition language models

Operation and Maintenance Services

The following services are available to provide post-deployment support for the resolution of operational issues and continuous improvement.

  • Updates of speech recognition models
  • Failure monitoring/recovery log collection
  • Application of software patches and upgrades
  • Product support helpdesk
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