FueTrek Co., Ltd. provides a better and faster way to communicate through with speech recognition, speech dialogue, and speech translation.

Business Overview by Segment

Speech Recognition Business

We offer convenience for operations support and user input by letting the machine recognize spoken natural language.
We provide safe-to-use spoken-language-related technologies such as high-security L-LVCSR(Local-type Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) engines.

Digital Marketing Business

We provide various solutions that can strengthen customer relationships for your business, with a focus on its integrated CRM system Visionary.

(Japanese version only)

In addition, FueTrek group business fields are shown below.

Video Production Business

We are mainly expanding TV program and other imaging production at Media Japan Co., Ltd.

* For further information on these services, please visit the website of Media Japan Co., Ltd. (Japanese version only)

System Development Business

SuperOne Co., Ltd. is engaged in system development.
The company focuses on the development of web applications for education sector, and has a wealth of experience in the digitization of textbooks and teaching materials.

* For further information, please visit the website of SuperOne Co., Ltd. (Japanese version only)