FueTrek Co., Ltd. provides a better and faster way to communicate through with speech recognition, speech dialogue, and speech translation.

Information Security Policy

June 23, 2021
Akihiro Nishida, President & CEO
FueTrek Co., Ltd.

FueTrek Co., Ltd. ("FueTrek") develops and provides products and services in various businesses including speech recognition business as our core business, with an aim to respond flexibly to changes in society and offer technologies and products required in times.

(Basic Policy)

As a corporation with a responsibility to the information-driven society surrounding it, as well as to its stakeholders, FueTrek recognizes the importance of protecting its information assets from security threats, and implements corporate-wide management with an aim to achieve the following objectives.

(1) Utilize highly reliable information without concern.
(2) Protect information acquired from our customers, partners, and employees from tampering, destruction, leaking (including, but not limited to), and other security threats.
(3) Ensure FueTrek business expansion and continuity forward to the future.

In order to implement the above mentioned management, FueTrek has formulated "Information Security Policy" as collective works of such management.

1. Content of Information Assets to be Protected

Information assets of FueTrek shall mean a combination of proprietary information to FueTrek and mechanisms which manage such information. Specifically, such information includes information recorded on documents, other tangible materials or electronic form, prototypes under development, physical entities such as buildings and facilities, trade secret, know-how and intellectual property.

2. Scope of this Information Security Policy

This Information Security Policy shall apply to all information assets owned by FueTrek and all persons who must be directly involved with such information assets. Such persons are defined specifically as directors, officers, employees (including, but not limited to full-time employees, part-time employees, part-time employment), temporary staff (including, but not limited to contract employees), subcontractors, outsourcing companies, and business partners of FueTrek.

3. Personal Information Protection System

FueTrek is a certified corporation of the Privacy Mark System.
Personal information and customer information acquired by FueTrek is processed in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" provided separately. Click here to access.